Cutting Seminar Information

Clear, concise and inspiring cut demonstrations will motivate you with time saving tips for the latest cutting shapes. Each technique shown at these popular 2 day workshops can easily be incorporated into your exiting skills. During the hands on workshops you will experience immediate results in your choice of design and improve consistency in your work. Your clients will notice the difference as will your salon bookings!

In addition to sharing our special ideas of style and fashion, this seminar will teach you facial analysis techniques to:

  • Create the right shape for the face
  • Reproduce a cut exactly until your client is ready for a new style
  • Modernize a client’s favourite look
  • Cut more quickly and consistently
  • Understand how to reproduce the latest trends
  • Proportioning hair length to suit a person’s face and body
  • Analyzing facial features to choose the most suitable cut from any angle
  • Giving any style a contemporary look by utilizing up to date cutting edges layering and graduation effects
  • Guarantee that every cut is balanced by using simple standing positions
  • Giving fringe the right shape, length and weight for each face

Join Martin and his fabulous trainers for 2 of the most inspiring days of your career!

Call our office at 905.275.6419 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding these amazing seminars.